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Analysis of the name Aiesha Lewis

How popular is Aiesha Lewis name in United Kingdom?

Popularity of the name Aiesha Lewis has Fourty-Seven points (47.35) on our logarithmic scale, calculated from Aiesha name popularity with 9 points (0.011‰) and 85.7 points (2.847‰) for Lewis surname. Our estimate is that 0.0000313‰ of UK population could have this name+surname combination, ≈Two citizens (2). [info]

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What words can be built from letters of the name?


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Famous UK persons with same name or surname

  • C. S. Lewis, (1898–1963), novelist, children's writer and critic, The Chronicles of Narnia (English writer)
  • Gary Lewis, (born 1957) (Scottish actor)
  • Alun Tudor Lewis, (1905–1986) (Welsh-language author)
  • Lewis Haydn Lewis, (1903–1985) (Welsh-language author)
  • Elis Lewis, (fl. 1640–1669) (Welsh-language author)
  • Windsor Lewis, Wales national rugby union player. Debut opposition: Ireland, debut date: 13 March 1926
  • Hywel David Lewis, (born 1910) (Welsh-language author)
  • Rhodri Lewis, Wales national rugby union player. Debut opposition: England, debut date: 17 January 1981
  • Tom Lewis, Wales national rugby union player. Debut opposition: England, debut date: 16 January 1926
  • Ted Lewis, (1940–1982), novelist and screenwriter (English writer)
  • Leona Lewis, (born 1985), singer and songwriter (Musician, England)
  • Hubert William Lewis, VC (1896–1977) (Military, Wales)

Above list contents 12 names. This is not full-, only random list.

Letter statistic

Name Aiesha Lewis have Eleven characters (1.7 less than average UK name). The name have 5 syllables and 6=55% vowels (+15.9%). . Typing speed is 3020 msec (-929 msec).

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